Plants available at Drumhead Cottage

Here at Drumhead Cottage Plants we produce an interesting, sometimes unusual and well-grown selection of hardy perennials, ornamental grasses and some shrubs, together with a number of tender plants. The plants we grow and offer for sale are almost overwhelmingly plants we are passionate about, or at the very least, ones we rate as excellent, indispensible plants worthy of space in any garden . As a rule, we believe that if we’re not enthused by a plant, it’s likely to prove difficult to enthuse our customers about it! We aim to grow a broad range of plants through the year from the familiar to the less well-known that we hope will prove successful, with appropriate care and conditions, in your own gardens.

An evolving and interesting choice of plants

Our taste in plants is eclectic, varied, perhaps idiosyncratic and ever evolving. We are currently enthralled by the amazingly varied genus salvia,of which we’re building up quite a varied collection. The cowparsleys (apiaceae) are another favourite, alongside such hardy perennials as sanguisorba (the burnets), asters, persicaria... the list could go on and on. We love naturalistic, ‘prairie style’ plantings, which combine herbaceous perennials (often grown as much for their interesting form and structure as much as their flowers) with ornamental grasses. In complete contrast, we’ve recently been having lots of fun experimenting with bold exotic plantings using plants such as canna, musa, ensete, dahlia and the zingiberaceae (ginger relatives), which we overwinter alongside our pelargoniums, plectranthus and succulents in our new greenhouse.

Resilient, hardy plants

The propagation and growing on of our plants takes place both on site at Alderford and in our private garden nursery based just a few miles to the south in the village of Prees. We have several polytunnels and a greenhouse for overwintering tender plants and starting off seedlings and cuttings, but most of our hardy stock is overwintered outdoors so you can be sure our plants are hardy, robust and capable of thriving in this corner of the country. Shropshire is noted as a particularly cold, landlocked county: The winter of 2017-18 saw the mercury dip to -13C in the run up to Christmas. The up-side of this is that if plants can survive here, they can probably survive most other places! In the main, we sell good-sized, well-established plants in pots sizes typically ranging from 1˝ to 3 litres, although some plants such as primulas are sold in 9cm pots. They are ready to plant, provided that your soil is neither frozen solid or waterlogged.